10 Steps to Better Blog Posts

Dec 2, 2014 | Better Blogging

Every blogger wants to produce consistently high-quality posts. Here’s a ten-step system that will help you create posts that people will read, remember, and refer to others.

Get an idea

This one’s a “gimmee.” If you’re a human being and drawing breath you will have ideas. It’s what human beings do.

Capture your idea

Write it down. Record it. Whatever you do, don’t think that, “I’ll remember this for sure.” The odds are that you won’t. Make sure you put your idea with other ideas so you can make the next step work.

Review your ideas

Go through your file of ideas. Look for connections between them. You probably won’t have to look hard. Spotting connections between ideas is something else that human beings do naturally.

Pick some ideas to work on

Take the ideas that seem connected and work on them. Do some research. Add some new ideas. Shape what you’ve got into something you can write about and that your readers will want to read.

Draft your post

Time to write. Writing will sharpen both your idea and the way you express it.

Read your post aloud

Your tongue will spot things that your eyes miss. Revise your draft. You might have a pretty good post now, but why settle for pretty good?

Let your post rest

Don’t keep working on the post. Let it rest. When you return to it, you will spot ways to improve it. But don’t let it rest too long. You want to maintain your momentum and energy.

Rewrite the post

When you return to the post, you will be amazed at how many ways you can make your post better. Rewrite, then read aloud. The post isn’t ready until it makes your point and reads smoothly.

Check spelling and grammar

Don’t publish until you check spelling and grammar. Save yourself from yourself.


Now you’re ready to add another great post to the blogosphere. Publish it or schedule it and move on.