Blog headlines that draw readers

Feb 6, 2014 | Better Blogging

Write your blog headline with one purpose in mind. You want the headline to compel interested people to read your post.

Include keywords so people will find you using search engines. Think about how you and others search for things on the web.

Some people type in just a few keywords. Think: “blog headlines.”

Others search using a sentence or phrase. Think: “How do you write good blog headlines?”

That’s why I put “blog headlines” in my title. Some research suggests that your keywords are more powerful if they’re in the first three words of the headline.

Include a promise so people will read the post. The studies vary, but they all agree that a lot more people read headlines than read the posts beneath them. Promise them improvement or progress and they’ll read the post. Think: “draw readers.”

The principles are simple. Include keywords so people find you using search engines. Include keywords and a promise so people can make a wise decision about whether to read your post.

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