3 Writing Books You May Not Have Heard Of

Jul 12, 2023 | Better Writing

There are many books that can teach you how to write better. But most of the recommendations you will see are for books that are popular today. Here are pointers to three excellent books that have slipped out of the public eye.

The Art of Nonfiction: A Guide for Writers and Readers by Ayn Rand
“Culled from sixteen informal lectures Ayn Rand delivered to a select audience in the late 1960s, this remarkable work offers indispensable guidance to the aspiring writer of nonfiction while providing readers with a fascinating discourse on art and creation. Based on the concept that the ability to create quality nonfiction is a skill that can be learned like any other, The Art of Nonfiction takes readers through the writing process, step-by-step, providing insightful observations and invaluable techniques along the way.”

The Art and Craft of Feature Writing by William E. Blundell
“William E. Blundell, one of the best writers on one of America’s best-written papers—The Wall Street Journal—has put his famous Journal Feature-Writing Seminars into this step-by-step guide for turning out great articles. Filled with expert instruction on a complex art, it provides beginners with a systematic approach to feature writing and deftly teaches old pros some new tricks.”

Writing That Works; How to Communicate Effectively in Business by Kenneth Roman and Joel Raphaelson
“Concise and easy-to-use, Writing that Works features an accessible, at-a-glance style, full of bulleted “tips” and specific examples of good vs. bad writing.”

No great book can improve your writing by itself. You must do the work. Read and identify things to try. Then try them.

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