Advice from the Masters: Julie Reynolds

Feb 8, 2017 | Better Writing

According to the Duke University web site, Julie Reynolds is the Associate Professor of the Practice of the Department of Biology. And “What,” I hear you cry, “does that have to do with writing?”

Well, she writes a lot. She’s the author of a book about how to write scientific papers and she also teaches writing. The best part for me is that she teaches writing to people, like scientists, who must write well to get their insights and ideas across to the rest of us. Business people have that challenge, too.

Here’s a bit of writerly wisdom appropriate for anyone who writes seriously about how to make (note “make,” not “find”) time to write.

“It is very easy in our very busy lives to get sucked in to filling your whole day with things that are really urgent for other people, but that are not important in terms of your career. . . The bottom line is I schedule in my day, my prime time when I am most productive, time for my writing.”

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