Advice from the Masters: Marcus Buckingham

Jul 23, 2014 | Better Writing

Marcus Buckingham writes a lot, at least seven books so far, including First, Break All the Rules, and Now, Discover Your Strengths. He writes books that people like to read and recommend to their friends. He writes books that get people to buy his next book as soon as it comes out.

The following advice comes from First, Break All the Rules. It’s not specifically about writing, it’s about life. But if you’re thinking about writing a book, it’s a very important thing to hear.

“The world you see is seen by you alone. What entices you and what repels you, what strengthens you and what weakens you, is part of a pattern that no one else shares.”

Your unique view of the world is precisely the reason you can write a book on a topic that many have already covered. Your unique view isn’t enough, of course. You still need to put in some serious work, but you need to remember how unique you are when you think, “I don’t have anything new to say.”

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