Authors: 5 Benefits of Walking

Aug 30, 2023 | Better Writing

Quick! What do Charles Dickens, Georgia O’Keeffe, and Albert Einstein have in common?

They all loved to walk. So did Claude Monet, Ernest Hemingway, Soren Kierkegaard, Ludwig Van Beethoven, and Marie Curie. Hundreds, maybe even thousands, of creative folks loved to walk. There must be something to it.

There is. Walking will help you write better, feel better, and maybe even live longer. There are no fees to pay, and you don’t need any special equipment.

Take a Break

After you’ve been writing for a while, you start to go stale. The words don’t come as quickly. There are more pauses and less writing. It’s time for a break. You’ll write more and better if you take breaks. When it’s break time, get up and take a walk. You’ll return to work refreshed.

Pulverize Writer’s Block

Whether you believe writer’s block is a thing or not, every creative person has situations where the idea flow slows to a trickle. That’s the time to get away from your project and walk. Ideas will start to pop into your head as you walk, so make sure you have a way to capture them.

Generate New Ideas

Walking is a great way to generate new ideas. Your brain is on autopilot and your mind is free to roam. That part of your brain called the Default Mode Network springs to life and starts flinging up ideas for your consideration.

Work Out Problems

Walking is a great way to work out challenging problems. You can try out different solutions in your head. You can generate new ideas and perspectives about the issue and possible solutions.

Feel Better and Maybe Live Longer

This might be considered a bonus. Walking makes you feel better. Walking increases your calorie burn and helps you manage your weight. Walking contributes positively to many things associated with a long life.

Just Walk

Just walk. Walk where you don’t need to pay attention to traffic lights or other pedestrians. Don’t do anything but walk and think. Don’t multitask. That means no phone and no listening to an audiobook or podcast.


Take a break.

Pulverize writer’s block.

Generate new ideas.

Work out problems.

Feel better and maybe live longer.

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