Tell me a story

Dec 8, 2014 | Better Writing

Stories are the human way

Technology has changed dramatically. We do many things differently from our parents. But human beings have been telling each other stories for millennia. Forget about the fancy technologies and sophisticated theories. If you want me to understand you, tell me a story.

Demonstrate your expertise with a story

Don’t just tell me you’re good at what you do. Tell me a story that illustrates how you solved a problem just like the one I have for someone just like me.

Use a story to convince me you’re unique

You’re different from your competitors, but telling me that won’t persuade me. Tell me a story that helps me understand how you’re different and why it matters to me.

Make an emotional connection with a story

If you want to convince my heart, tell me a story. My head responds to logic, but my heart only responds to emotion and if you want me to do something, you must convince my heart. Tell me a story.