The Book Writing Process

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If you’re thinking of writing a business book with a business purpose, here’s an overview of the basic process. I’ve sketched the key decisions you will need to make in each stage. If you want to chat about your options, use the form at the end of this link to contact me and set up a free Options Review Session.

Before you Begin

Writing a book is a big project and it’s probably something you’ve never done. Before you embark on the project, you should decide if you’re ready for it. You should also evaluate whether the book you’re thinking about writing will repay your effort.

Will you use a traditional publisher or some form of self-publishing? You have to make the decision early because you will use a different process if you want to go with a traditional publisher. Everything else on this page assumes that you will publish your own book.

You should not begin the process until you have a clear idea of the cost in money and time, as well as the potential payoff. You should have a business plan, budget, and timeline.

Writing the Book

No one can sell or get a career boost from a book that isn’t written. Here are the important decisions in this stage.

How will the book get written? The basic options are writing the book yourself, writing with the help of a book writing coach, and using a writing partner or ghostwriter.

Writing the book includes things that, technically, aren’t writing. The most common are book planning, research and editing.

Publishing your Book

You have to decide who will publish your book. That means choosing a publisher who will provide the help you need at a reasonable price. Your choice will also be influenced by the way you intend to market and sell the book.

Promoting the Book

If you want to sell books and if you want your book to boost your reputation, you will have to promote it. The key decision is whether to hire outside help or do it all yourself. You should have a detailed promotion plan no matter which you choose. Digital media have changed the game in book promotion, so make sure that you’re using the Web, online merchants, and social media.

Profiting from your Book

Unless you are the one in a million exception you will not make any significant money from the sale of your book. In other words, hardly anyone makes money directly from a book, instead we make money from things the book makes possible. Those things include book related products, additional information products such as training programs, and increased consulting and speaking fees.

That’s the basic cycle, but I know that you probably have questions. When you’re ready, contact me for a free Options Review Session where I’ll answer your questions and share some pointers.