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Advice from the Masters: Sam Kean

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Sam Kean is a science writer, but don’t go thinking frowning concentration, lab coats, and studied seriousness. No, this science writer has been described as having a sense of humor like Bill Bryson. If you don’t know what that means, you’re missing something enjoyable. So, what does a science writer, even one with a  »  Read More

Who will become a writer?

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Last week, two different sets of parents asked me to talk to their children because their children wanted to become writers. The kids were about the same age, in their early teens. They even had similar names. But they were very different. One of them, I’ll call her Terri, was a superb student who got especially good  »  Read More

Advice from the Masters: Julie Reynolds

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According to the Duke University web site, Julie Reynolds is the Associate Professor of the Practice of the Department of Biology. And “What,” I hear you cry, “does that have to do with writing?” Well, she writes a lot. She’s the author of a book about how to write scientific papers and she also teaches writing  »  Read More

4 Ways to Improve Your Writing Quickly

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Learning to write well takes time, discipline, and effort. But there are some simple things you can do to improve your writing quickly. Get Past the First Draft Hardly anyone, even seasoned journalists, writes a good first draft. Assume that your first draft will be your worst draft, but that it’s OK. Plan for rewrite  »  Read More

Advice from the Masters: Flynn Meaney

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It’s been half a century since I could be considered a young adult. So I haven’t read a lot of YA fiction lately, which means that I haven’t read any of Flynn Meaney’s work. But that’s OK, because I can still mine her wisdom about writing. In this case I found a nugget in a superb interview Meaney did for The  »  Read More

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