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Writing a book: Why I love beta readers

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Let’s say that you know your subject cold. Let’s say it’s a subject you’ve been teaching for years. Let’s say you’ve even blogged about it a couple of hundred times. When you write your book, you’re going to be pretty sure you have it right. Well, you may have it right, but you probably don’t have it as  »  Read More

Advice from the Masters: Ryan Holiday

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Wikipedia describes Ryan Holiday as an “author, marketer, and entrepreneur.” On Amazon Ryan Holiday describes himself as a “strategist and writer.” His books include The Daily Stoic, The Obstacle is the Way, and Ego is the Enemy. The advice below comes from his article, “So You Want to Write a Book?”  »  Read More

Writing a Book: Weight Control for Your Book

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Michael Bungay Stanier was the first person I heard apply the term “lean” to a book. Here’s how he said it when I interviewed him about his excellent, and lean, book, The Coaching Habit: Say Less, Ask More, And Change the Way You Lead Forever “My goal always is to write as well as I can, and write a book that is as  »  Read More

Advice from the Masters: Ali Luke

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Ali Luke is author of Publishing E-Books For Dummies, and writes for Zen Optimise. She wrote a great post for SmartBlogger titled “21 Dumb Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Your First E-book.” It’s full of good advice and thought-starters whether you only plan to write e-books or you are thinking about a larger  »  Read More

Your Brain versus Your Book

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Cherry Pie What did you think of when you read that phrase? My first thought was of the little cherry pies I get at Wal-Mart. I love cherry pie. That was my next thought. But that triggered the thought that those little pies are different from the ones my mother used to bake. Ah, more memories! My memories included eating  »  Read More

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