Book Recommendation: Words that Sell

Mar 1, 2012 | Better Writing

“Nothing happens until someone sells something” is as true today as it ever was. And an awful lot of selling happens through the written word, in marketing pieces and sales letters and on your web site.

The odds are that you’re not a professional copywriter, but you still have to sell with written words. That’s why you need Words that Sell by Richard Bayan.

The subtitle of the book is, “The thesaurus to help you promote your products, services and ideas.” That’s a great description of what’s inside, even though you’ll find collections of both words and phrases under various headings.

Part 1 is “Grabbers” with lists of “Heads and Slogans,” “Salutations and Invitations.” and “Snappy Transitions.” There are also thee sections devoted to openings.

Words and phrases for “Descriptions and Benefits” make up Part 2. There are forty collections of words and phrases with titles like “Authentic,” “Exciting/Stimulating,” “Experienced/Expert,” “Informative,” “Reliable,” and “Results.”

In Part 3 you’ll find three collections of “Clinchers.” Different ways to express “Terms and Offers” are in Part 4. Part 5 has “Special Strategies” including “Justifying a High Price” and “Using Demographics.”

And, in the “but wait, there’s more” department, Bayan also put together a helpful appendix. My favorite part of the appendix is “Puffspeak—and Its Alternative.”

Bottom Line

If you need to write to boost your business or career, Words that Sell should be right next to where you work.

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