Writing Your Book: The Ten Year Test

Feb 7, 2012 | Writing A Book

Before you embark on that book writing project, answer this question: Are you willing to live with the subject for the next ten years or more? If you write a good business book, that’s what you can expect. Here’s why.

The book becomes your brand

When you have a good business book, the title will become your brand. You’ll use it in your speech titles and workshops. It’s how people will know you.

Brands take time to build

Building a strong brand takes time. You can speed up the process with savvy marketing, but you’re going to put a lot of effort into brand building. You won’t want to throw that investment away.

Brands are multi-use but single impression

You can apply your brand to all kinds of products and services and your brand will usually attach easily and well. Every new product or service will strengthen your single impression.

Brands are freakishly hard to change

People are reluctant to let go of one brand and apply another to you, even if you think that’s a good idea. If you think building a brand is tough, try shifting to a new brand.

Passion builds profit

This may be the most important thing of all. Your passion for your topic will drive you to do the research, master the details, and put in the extra hours to create mastery and an excellent product.

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