Web Copy

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Today, if you’re in business, you have a web site. You want the copy on that site to help your visitors and your business achieve their objectives.

Visitors want to solve a problem or answer a question. They visit your web site because they think you can help them. I work on web sites for businesses that make either very large or very complex sales. Visitors to those sites generally visit many sites over a period of weeks or months while they draw up a short list of possible vendors. Then they ask for more information.

Your web site needs to carry the load for those weeks or those months. It has to provide a potential client or customer with the information they need over the course of an extended search. It needs to be a helpful resource.

From a visitor’s perspective, your site needs to provide helpful information and make it easy to find. Clear copy, lots of links, and downloadable resources make sites helpful and visitor friendly.

Your site should also help you meet your business objectives. The site should help you increase revenue, decrease expenses, or make your people’s work easier. Anything else is a waste of time and money.

When I write your web site, I’ll combine the timeless principles of direct response copy with what we know about how people use the web and the latest research into how and why people buy. I use a rigorous and disciplined process to define what messages should be on your site and then craft those messages for maximum results.

Web copy projects vary from $1500 upwards.