Advice from the Masters: Peter Drucker

Mar 18, 2015 | Better Writing

Peter Drucker was described as the man who invented “management.” I read the Effective Executive for the first time in the early 1970’s and re-read it so many times that I wore out two books. Now I have the book on my Kindle so I can keep re-reading without having bindings fall apart and pages slip gracefully to the floor.

As long as he lived he was my top business author and I read every book as it came out. I loved the man’s clarity and precision and his uncanny ability to suggest ways to do things more effectively. I met him once, and I’m still mining the lessons of that evening.

Here’s a bit of Drucker’s wisdom, applicable to corporate managers or serious writers.

“To do the most good requires saying no to pressures to stray, and the discipline to stop doing what does not fit.”

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