3 Reasons to Choose a Legacy Publisher

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Is there any reason to publish with a legacy publisher anymore? Why not just self-publish and keep more money? Most of my clients are mid-career businesspeople who write a book to improve their reputation, fees, and business results. Most of them self-publish for the additional control and to get to market faster. But  »  Read More

Writing a Book? You May Need Professional Help

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Most of my clients have never written a book when they come to me for the first time. That means they don’t know what they don’t know. Most of us seek professional help when we know a project exceeds our abilities or the time we want to invest in it. I pay an accountant to file my taxes and he asks me questions that  »  Read More

4 Kinds of Business Books

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Are you thinking about writing a business book soon? What kind of book will you write? There are thousands of business books published every year, but those books fall into only four basic categories. Here’s a review of what they are and what might make them the right kind of book for you to write. Big-Picture or Boil  »  Read More

Don’t Overplan Your Book

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When I was in school, the outline was king. Some teachers even had us submit outlines for review before we started to write a paper. That was appropriate and effective for college English. But after more than half a century as a professional writer, I think there’s a better way to write a book. Authors like Peter Drucker  »  Read More

Better Writing: Turning the Gist into a Good Story

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We love stories and the people who tell them. Artificial intelligence researcher, Roger Schank, thinks we may even assume good storytellers are smarter. Here’s how he put it. “Wisdom is often ascribed to those who can tell just the right story at the right moment and who often have a large number of stories to  »  Read More

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