Advice from the Masters: Stephen Lynch

Jul 29, 2015 | Everything Else

Stephen Lynch is the Head of Strategy and Consulting at He’s one of those people who have packed a lot into one life. Stephen was a police officer, an entrepreneur, a DJ, and a pharmaceutical sales star, and Mr. New Zealand.

Stephen is also the author of an award-winning business book, Business Execution for RESULTS. I had the privilege of helping him on that project, so I can attest that he’s great to work with. He’s also the best-read person I’ve ever known.

I asked Stephen to share one piece of advice for people who want to write a business book. Here’s what he said.

“When I started writing my business book I had the notion of stitching a series of blog posts together, and grouping them by category. Thankfully I employed the services of a writing coach, Wally Bock, who taught me the importance of having a coherent narrative that takes the reader on a journey of discovery. Start by getting clear on the destination, and then map out the reader’s journey. This preparatory step is crucial for writing content that flows well.”

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