Take a Little Time

Dec 27, 2023 | Everything Else

It’s almost New Year’s, one of those days that psychologists call “temporal landmarks.” Here’s how researchers from Wharton described New Year’s in the journal Management Science.

“The beginning of the year is widely documented as a time when millions of people commit themselves with atypical vigor to achieving their goals, such as losing weight, eating more healthfully, quitting smoking, obtaining a better education, and saving more money.”

This year, take some time to relax, to reflect on the last year, and to decide on your goals for next year. Forget resolutions. Avoid complex planning.

You need to know your “why.” You must decide on your Big Hairy Audacious Goal and your next action step.

Go for simple and easy instead of comprehensive and rigorous. Take some time to review last year before you begin thinking about what’s next. Here are some questions you can ask and answer.

What will you do more of?

What will you stop doing?

What will you start doing?

What will you do less of?

What will you do differently?

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