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Better Writing: 3 things not to do

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Whether you’re writing a book, a blog post, or a memorandum you want to get an idea from your brain to the reader’s brain. That’s more likely to happen if you avoid these three common mistakes. Don’t try to be creative. Spend your creative energy on developing ways to make your point clearly. Trying  »  Read More

Learning to Write the Ben Franklin Way

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When Ben Franklin wanted to learn to write well, there weren’t a lot of options. There weren’t any writing courses and even if there were, Ben was working long hours as an apprentice printer. So he did the logical thing. Franklin identified excellent writers and analyzed what they did. He chose the writing of  »  Read More

Writing Tip: Starting Over

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The article just wouldn’t work. After the first draft, I tweaked it and twisted it and edited it over and over, but it still didn’t work. I called my mother. My mother was a writer, so calling her about a writing problem made sense. I’d get some of that Mom Wisdom and emotional support, plus good writing  »  Read More

Writing Tip: The Horn and Hardart Rule

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Doug Shaw had a great post on HR Examiner back in November 2013. In, “Where is the Soul?” he contrasts a sample of gobbledygook in a marketing email with a note he got from his father. Then he says this: “What a sharply gentle, wonderful contrast to the hyper convoluted management mumbo jumbo that had so  »  Read More

Writing a book: Why Greg’s book is pretty awful

  |   Writing A Book

Greg’s a nice guy and I liked him, but his book is simply dreadful. A mutual friend convinced me to talk to Greg because his mystery novel wasn’t selling. Greg was sure that all he needed was “some marketing tricks” to change all that. Before we chatted, I took a look at a copy he had sent me. The  »  Read More

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