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Capture, Collect, and Create

  |   Writing A Book

Tony knows that he wants to write a book. The finished book will be the business card no one throws away and a key to increasing his fees. And the process of writing the book will deepen his expertise. If you’re like Tony, my experience with clients tells me that you’re probably thinking about your research as  »  Read More

Checking the Facts: The Chivas Regal Story

  |   Writing A Book

We wanted to use a “classic” marketing example in a one section of a book my client was working on. The example he chose was the “Chivas Regal Effect.” I’d certainly heard of it. You may have heard it, too. The story is that Chivas Regal was a struggling brand of scotch whiskey until they  »  Read More

All the facts are important

  |   Writing A Book

We judge another person’s knowledge of things we don’t understand by what they say or write about things we do understand. I learned that the hard way in one of my very first books. The book was about management by exception, which was management fad of the day. In the book I described a procedure that a  »  Read More

Check your facts

  |   Better Writing

It was a great example. The story involved a major corporation and a significant initiative. It would be a great illustration of the point my client wanted to make. But we never used the example because we couldn’t verify it. What happened? I’m not sure. My client heard a convention speaker give the example a  »  Read More

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