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Book Recommendation: The Story Factor

  |   Better Writing

If you intend to write a great business book or craft memorable blog posts, you need storytelling in your toolkit. Most of the books about storytelling fall into one of two groups. Some books are about storytelling as an art form. If you want to win storytelling competitions, then these are for you. But if you want to tell  »  Read More

Storytelling Tips

  |   Better Writing

We love stories. We love to hear them. We know that stories make our writing better. But many people have trouble telling stories. Here are some tips to help. They won’t all work for you, but they’re all worth a try. The storytelling goal Tell your story in writing the same way you’d tell it to a friend  »  Read More

Gather ye stories while ye may

  |   Better Writing

This morning I read Michael Wade’s excellent post, “Memories.” After listing many one or two line memories, Michael closes with: “And lots of quickly fading stories that I should write down.” Oh yes!!! Yes! Yes! Yes! Capture them or they will drift off like butterflies on the wind. Record them  »  Read More

Like you’d tell it to a friend

  |   Writing A Book

Tell your story the way you’d tell it to a friend. That sounds easy to do, but lots of us have trouble getting that natural language on to the page. That won’t happen if you, literally, tell your story to a friend. One client tells all the stories she wants in her book to her husband. They record the stories  »  Read More

Speaking and Writing

  |   Writing A Book

Speaking and writing are a great combination. Writing a book can help boost your speaking fees. And speaking can help you generate buzz and buys for your book. Just remember that speaking and writing are two different ways to communicate. Each has strengths and weaknesses. Speaking is great for helping you develop your  »  Read More

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