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Lazy Thinking Causes Crappy Writing

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I loved the headline in Megan Hustad’s Fortune article: “No, business writing doesn’t need to stink.” I loved the teaser copy even more: “Put something in plain language and if the basic idea is fatuous, its stupidity has nowhere to hide.” This is the writing equivalent of the old saying  »  Read More

Book Recommendation: Words that Sell

  |   Better Writing

“Nothing happens until someone sells something” is as true today as it ever was. And an awful lot of selling happens through the written word, in marketing pieces and sales letters and on your web site. The odds are that you’re not a professional copywriter, but you still have to sell with written words  »  Read More

This Post is for Ed

  |   Better Blogging

I tell blogging clients to write to real people. I wrote this post to Ed. Ed’s just getting started blogging to his customers and he does what a lot of bloggers do. He writes to a generic demographic description of a generic target customer. You won’t get power into your posts that way. Write to an individual  »  Read More

A Formula for Profit-Building Web Pages

  |   Better Web Copy

If you’re a copywriter or a marketing student, you’ve probably heard of the AIDA formula. The formula was originally created by advertising pioneer E. St. Elmo Lewis in the Nineteenth Century to reflect four stages of selling. In the original and most common version of the formula, the letters stand for the  »  Read More

One at a Time, Please

  |   Better Blogging

“How many ‘friends’ do you think will read that?” Ed’s soft voice cut into my writing concentration. “Well?” he demanded. Ed was my first real writing mentor, my boss on a job where I was writing direct response letters. I didn’t get the point and I knew the best course was  »  Read More

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