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Writer’s Concentration Checklist

  |   Better Writing

Everybody knows that you will write better if you concentrate on your work. But in today’s world, many of us seem to be losing the battle with interruptions. My way of solving this problem is to create a Concentration Checklist that I run through before I start to write. Here it is. People shooed away. Email alerts  »  Read More

Rewrite and revise until done

  |   Better Writing

When I handed in the draft of my first book to John, I expected praise. A Hard Lesson “Are you serious?” John had spent only about thirty seconds looking at the manuscript of my first book. He was the editor who hired me to do the job. “Come around here.” He motioned me to his side of the desk. I  »  Read More

Writing a Book: Schedule your writing time

  |   Writing A Book

So much to do, so little time I’ve never had a client with nothing to do but write the book that would enhance their career. They all had tons to do, including work and home life and a little recreation. There were also those little emergencies that you can’t plan for, but which always happen. Finding time to  »  Read More

Good Writing Habits

  |   Better Writing

The power of habit Ovid may not have said it first, but he said it a very long time ago: “Nothing is stronger than habit.” If you want to write well consistently, you need to develop some good writing habits to help you. That way you’ll do good things the same way every time and produce a consistently  »  Read More

World Cup and Word Choice

  |   Better Writing

Today is the beginning of the 2014 World Cup and I’m feeling grateful that I don’t write about sports. That’s because I’d have to choose the word to describe the sport they’ll be playing in Sao Paulo today. The problem is that I’m an American. Same game, different names Americans call  »  Read More

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