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10 Steps to Better Blog Posts

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Every blogger wants to produce consistently high-quality posts. Here’s a ten-step system that will help you create posts that people will read, remember, and refer to others. Get an idea This one’s a “gimmee.” If you’re a human being and drawing breath you will have ideas. It’s what  »  Read More

Avoiding blogging temptation

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“You should write a blog post about that.” I had just told my neighbor about a less than stellar customer service experience where I was on the receiving end. He thought I should use my leadership blog to tell the story. There was a time when I might have done it. Back then I thought of my blog as my personal  »  Read More

Curating leadership posts

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I like to joke that “I’m just a humble preacher’s boy trying to make his way in the world.” But I’m human and I love it when someone gives me a shout-out for doing a good job. So I was thrilled to learn that Robert Jeffery mentioned my leadership blog in a post on CIPD’s People  »  Read More

Blogging: So you want to write a guest post

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I get at least one almost every day. They’re emails offering to do guest post. When I opened up the weekend’s emails on Monday afternoon I found seven of them. I replied to all of them. I said “No, thank you” to every one. If you want to do guest posts on other people’s blogs, start by doing  »  Read More

Blogging lessons from my Dad, the preacher

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My father was a Lutheran pastor for more than sixty years. By the time he died he had preached thousands of sermons. What he learned from that experience can help you blog more effectively. What blogging and preaching have in common Preachers don’t get much choice about when to preach. The people in the pews expect a  »  Read More

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