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CDs, Business Books, and You

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Dan was excited. He convinced his whole family to give him Amazon gift cards for Christmas. He was going to use those cards to buy books for his new Kindle. But he wasn’t going to buy any new titles. Dan is like a lot of business book readers. He’s recreating a large chunk of his business library on his new  »  Read More

The Once and Future Book

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The Printing Revolution changed more than the way that books were produced. We can get an idea of how things will change in our immediate future by looking at how things changed back then. When we started printing books so that every copy was exactly the same we also added features to make the book easier to use. Numbered  »  Read More

The more things change …

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I love poking around in “antique” stores. I was doing just that in a giant, barnlike structure in Southern Virginia. I asked the proprietor if he had any books. “We’ve got lots of books upstairs,” he told me. I thought he meant “lots of different books,” but I was wrong. Upstairs  »  Read More

Publishing Your Book: Get Samples

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The self-publishing boom resulted in an explosion of firms that claim they can do a good job of producing your business book. Many of them can. Many of them don’t. How do you tell the difference? The answer to that one is simple: buy copies of business books they’ve published. Do not depend on a publisher or  »  Read More

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