Advice from the Masters: Karin Hurt

Apr 20, 2016 | Writing A Book

Back in 2014, I interviewed Karin Hurt for the post “Learning about writing a book from Overcoming an Imperfect Boss by Karin Hurt.” At the time I described her as a “newly minted entrepreneur.”

Last year, 2015, she shared her best advice for a first time business book writer. Now AMACOM has just released the book she and David Dye wrote together: Winning Well: A Manager’s Guide to Getting Results–Without Losing Your Soul. When I interviewed them, I asked each of them for one bit of advice for a first-time author. Here’s what Karin said.

“Don’t back off from your truth. You’re going to have a tendency to edit and say “Oh, but if I tell that story fully, people are going to judge me.” I have found that in my blog, and even in the book, it’s when I got really raw and said “Yeah, this was really hard,” or “I really screwed up.” That is what resonates with people, because people want to understand that you are human, and yes you have good advice to offer, but you also—you came by it naturally in the hard way. And that—I find when I’m most vulnerable, that is when people really respond.”

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The Story of Winning Well

“Karin Hurt and David Dye showed up at the same book writing workshop and decided to write a book together. The book they wrote is Winning Well: A Manager’s Guide to Getting Results–Without Losing Your Soul, published by AMACOM. That’s the short version of the story. There’s a lot more before and after that fateful workshop.”

My Review of Winning Well

“If you’re a manager who wants to get great results and still have a good relationship with your people, or if you want to become that kind of manager, Winning Well will give you the insight, information, and inspiration to achieve those goals.”

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