Blog Links: 5 tips for using links wisely

Mar 26, 2012 | Better Blogging

Back in the day, you only had what you put on the page. If there was an important concept or definition, you had a tough choice. You could explain it, which would slow down the readers who already knew what you were writing about. Or you could mention an off-page explanation and hope readers returned to your piece later. Neither choice was good.

But your blog can use links for important definitions or explanations, without slowing down the readers who don’t need the detail. Links are a powerful blogging tool if you use them wisely. Here are five tips for doing just that.

Links not Length

Point readers to important definitions and explanations. That way you don’t have to explain them in the text of your post. The ones who need the detail can jump off the page to get it and then jump right back.

Add Value with Links

Use links to give readers the option to learn more about a topic. Links can also point readers to other sites and resources they may choose to explore.

Open Links in a New Window

If you open links in a new window, readers can grab the information at the end of your link, close the link window, and be right back on your post, ready to continue reading.

Links are like Directional Signs

When you’re out driving and see a directional sign that says, “Cleveland,” you expect to wind up in Cleveland if you follow the direction. Links should work the same way. The anchor text should describe what readers will find if they click on the link.

Adding Value is the Test

Every link in your post should add value for a reader. That’s the test. If a link adds value, use it and use it well.

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