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How to tell a story to your kids or your customers

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Stories are magical. We’ve been using them to tell each other about interesting things and teach important lessons since we first crawled out of caves. If you want to communicate effectively, stories are your best medium. There’s an awful lot that’s been written about great storytelling, but it really turns out to be  »  Read More

Advice from the Masters: Ken Metzler

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Ken Metzler was a professor of journalism at the University of Oregon for many years. He wrote several books that were used as journalism textbooks, including one about interviewing. I didn’t know anything about Metzler or his work until I came across his name in Jack Hart’s excellent book, Storycraft: The Complete  »  Read More

Advice from the Masters: Jimmy Breslin

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Jimmy Breslin is one of my writing gods. I’ve never read another writer who could catch the emotional wind so deftly or express rage or sorrow so you felt it in your gut. If you want a sample of how he worked, click through to his column titled “Digging JFK grave was his honor.” I’ve been searching for some of  »  Read More

5 Ways Writing Well Will Boost Your Career

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Writing well gives you an edge in business and in life. The people I coach understand that, or they wouldn’t be spending their money on me, but not everyone understands how important writing is. Here are five reasons why writing well will make you more successful. People Judge You by Your Writing Sometimes, the only way  »  Read More

Advice from the Masters: James Patterson

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According to Writer’s Digest, “More than 100 million people have read at least one James Patterson book. That’s roughly one out of every three U.S. citizens.” And that’s as of 2009. Who knows how many more of his books have sold by now. Diana Page Jordan interviewed Patterson for Writer’s Digest. If the  »  Read More

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