Blog Posts: Curation Posts

Jan 29, 2014 | Better Blogging

Sometimes it’s easier to write a post when you start with a general format. Curation posts are posts where you provide pointers to resources that you’ve carefully selected for your audience. They give you an opportunity to deliver value while you demonstrate your expertise.

The value proposition of curation posts is that you review a lot of resources and select the best ones for your audience. It’s like going through a peach orchard and selecting a few excellent peaches for your friends. Sure, they could go from tree to tree, but you save them all the effort.

You can select one resource a week to share with your customers in a single post. Or you can create a post with multiple resource pointers and do several of them a week. The value proposition is still the same.

If you do research or wide reading on the subject of your blog, curation posts might work for you. Here are some tips.

Capture is the key. As you troll the net looking for good information, capture good posts and articles as you go. Many of us use Evernote for this purpose.

Cast your net wide. Find sources that most of your readers don’t check. Then mine them for gems of information and insight.

Be selective in what you publish. In general, three to five selections per post seems to work best. That way you give your readers the very best and decrease the time you spend on publishing, too.

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