Blog Posts: Tips and Wisdom

May 13, 2013 | Better Blogging

Short, quick and easy to write posts are just the thing for those days when you’re wondering what to write about. Two of the best kinds are wisdom posts and tips.

A wisdom post is a short post that shares wisdom from someone else that will help your reader. Quotes are the most common. I do them on this blog as “Advice from the Masters” posts.

A tip is a short post that makes a specific suggestion for your reader. They should be able to use it right away. You can do tips posts two ways.

The most common way is to do them without any defined schedule. There are plenty of writing tips on this blog that you can get to by searching the “Writing Tips” category. I wrote them as they came to me, but there’s no commitment to post on any schedule.

I do tips posts differently on my Three Star Leadership blog. There, I do a series called the “Boss’s Tip of the Day.” That sound like it would be a great traffic builder and easy to do. That’s true.

But beware. If you do a “tip of the day” you’ve committed to posting a tip at least every business day. There are days when I seriously repent doing that. First, try tips posts without committing to a specific schedule or frequency to see how they work for you. Then make the decision about whether to commit to a schedule.