Blogging: A Row of Posts

Feb 24, 2014 | Better Blogging

My children don’t really look alike. But if you stand them next to each other, you know they go together.

I thought of that the other evening when I was talking to a blogger friend. She told me that she had just scheduled “a row of posts.” I knew instantly what she meant.

The posts are on similar topics, so they “go together.” But each post stands on its own. You can get full value if only read one post and never see the other posts.

That’s a great solution to the series problem. I think that every post should stand on its own, like individual episodes of the “Law and Order” television series. Most blog post series violate that rule.

With most series, you can’t understand one post without reading others. That makes things hard on the reader, especially if he or she is visiting your blog for the first time.

Don’t do a series. Do a row of posts. Make each post stand alone. You can add value in two ways.

You can use links to provide explanations for those who need or want them. I did that three paragraphs above, with a link to my “Law and Order” post.

You can list additional resources that will enrich the reading experience for those who choose to read them. You can see examples below.

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