Blogging: By your content they shall know you

Jun 16, 2014 | Better Blogging

I’ve never met Harold Jarche. I’ve talked on the phone with Mary Jo Asmus and Steve Roesler, but I’ve never met them in person. I know them because I read their blogs.

Your content is you

I know those people through their blog posts. I know what they think. I know something about their personalities. I certainly know some of the things that interest them. If you write a blog, people who never meet you will know you through your posts.

If you want to make a better impression, improve your content

If you want to make a better impression with visitors, improve the content of your posts. Do a better job of solving their problems or answering their questions. Tell them things they didn’t know. Help them make progress.

Improve your writing, too

Your core content is important and so is the way you present it. Learn to use stories and examples more effectively. Master the art of the sub-head. Improve your post’s readability.

Improve your content first

Yes, it makes sense to improve your SEO. Yes, it makes sense to use social media to drive content to your blog. Just make sure that visitors will find something compelling and interesting when they there.