Blogging: Find your niche

Mar 6, 2013 | Better Blogging

I write my leadership blog for “bosses at all levels.” I didn’t start out with that kind of focus.

I was like many bloggers. I blogged about everything that interested me. One day it was leadership. The next day it might be marketing or customer service or creativity or an interesting news article. It was fun, but the blog wasn’t very good or successful.

It got better when I finally figured out who I would write for and what I would write about. I write for “bosses.” I define a boss as a person “responsible for the performance of a group.”

The blog got even better when I clarified what I should write about. My posts should help those bosses “do a better job and lead a better life.” I decided that my posts would be actionable.

Here are the facts. Celebrity bloggers get read no matter what they write because they’re celebrities. We can’t afford that luxury.

If you want to have a blog that people want to read again and again, you have to make two clear choices. You must decide who you’re writing for, your audience. And you must decide what you’re going to write about, your topic. Here are some questions to ask.

Which posts did I enjoy writing?

Which posts got the most comments?

Which posts got the best reaction?

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