Blogs I Like: David K. Waltz’ Treasury Café

Jun 15, 2012 | Better Blogging

You can learn a lot from a good example. That’s why I like to highlight great business blogs, like David K. Waltz’ Treasury Café.

You may have heard that “the numbers don’t lie.” That may be true, but you also have to understand what they’re saying, know how to ask them questions, and refine the answers you get. I like what David K. Waltz does with his Treasury Café blog because he helps me speak the language of numbers and wring the value out of what they’ve got to say.

Here are some representative posts from the last year or so. Read them with an eye toward what you can learn from the Treasury Café example.

Who Will Be in the Final Four? – Lessons from an Analytical Journey

Five Things You Can Do To Counteract Irrational Bias

Into the Belly of the Whale: Hedging and Credit Default Swaps

Working Capital Finance and Accounts Payable

Simply Character

Read, enjoy, and learn.

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