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Apr 13, 2012 | Better Blogging

You can learn a lot from a good example. That’s why every week I highlight one great business blog. This week, it’s Jon Ingham’s Strategic HCM Blog.

Conferences are a great way to keep up with cutting edge ideas in your business, industry, or profession. The problem is that there are way too many conferences with way too much great information. It’s just impossible to attend them all.

Well if you’re in Human Capital Management (HCM) or almost any human resources field, you can expand your reach by reading Jon Ingham’s blog. One way that his blog offers value for readers is by summarizing important presentations from important conferences. He adds comment and interpretation to make the posts even more valuable.

I don’t know for sure, but I bet Jon gets three different kinds of value from the work he does on his blog. First, he leverages his effort. Time at a conference provides learning and the raw material for a blog post or two. Second, reviewing the material as part of the writing process improves his understanding of it. And, third, presenting a wide range of quality material along with his comments positions Jon as the expert he is.

Now, reporting on conferences may not be something you can or should do. But ask yourself the following questions.

What information do I gather as part of my work that could also help me create blog posts my readers will love?

What can I add to that information that will make it even more valuable?

Here are some representative posts from the last year or so. Read them with an eye toward what you can learn from Jon Ingham’s example.

#ECTalent: Setting a Talent Agenda

Reviewing 70-20-10 at HCI Learning and Leadership Development conference

Best global HR conferences

Read, enjoy, and learn.

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