Business blogging benefits even if you never get a new client

Feb 27, 2014 | Better Blogging

Harold Jarche says that his business would not exist without his blog. Other bloggers sell products through their blogs. With them, it’s easy to understand the business benefits of blogging. But what if you’re like Mary Jo Asmus who doesn’t sell product on her blog and has only gotten one new client in five years of steady blogging?

There are benefits to blogging, even if there’s no direct impact on the bottom line. Here are three.

Blogging builds awareness and name recognition. When you blog consistently and promote your work, you’re doing marketing spadework.

Blogging helps people make wise decisions about hiring you. You can bet that those people are checking out your blog and social media presence as part of their due diligence.

Blogging helps you sharpen and share your ideas. Writing is structured and systematic. It forces you to become more precise. Blogging can also provide feedback on your thinking in the form or comments.

Bottom Line

Your blog may deliver powerful business benefits even if you never get a new client or sell a product directly through the blog.