Farewell to “You’re Not the Boss of Me”

Jan 5, 2015 | Better Blogging

I knew it would happen. When Gwen Teatro said that she would be taking a break from writing new posts at “You’re Not the Boss of Me,” I knew that meant that she was on the doorstep of stopping altogether.

She began revising old posts and sharing them with us, one per week. I read each one and I began to think that maybe this would go on forever, or nearly so. But when I saw the headline in my blog reader I knew this was it: “You Gotta Know When to Fold ’em…


The end of one of the best business blogs

“You’re Not the Boss of Me” was one of my favorite blogs. It was all the things a good blog should be. It was entertaining and it was insightful and the personality of the blogger shown through the posts. I reviewed it as a blog I like. And I read every post.

Gwyn Teatro: one of the best bloggers

I read a lot of blog posts. It’s what I do. There are bloggers with a bigger following than Gwyn or more impressive credentials or great name recognition. Some bloggers write about big issues, strategy or innovation, words you’d find in an index. Gwyn always wrote about people.

They weren’t necessarily “important” or “famous” people, either. She wrote about people like the ones you worked with or worked for or knew from down the block or saw at the supermarket. She wrote about leadership by writing about people.

I’ve used Gwyn’s posts when I’m coaching other bloggers because they are examples of how the personality of the writer can infuse a post with meaning, but without calling attention to itself. I call it “knowledgeable graciousness.”

All good things must end

I’m going to miss Gwyn’s posts on You’re Not the Boss of Me, but I know that even good things must end. As usual, Gwyn put it superbly.

“Just about everything has a beginning and an end. And “You’re Not the Boss of Me” has reached its end place. I‘m a bit sad about that. But I also believe that once you have said what you have to say, the best strategy is to simply shut up and listen to somebody else.”

Thanks, Gwyn, for all those great posts.