Hemingway would have been a great blogger

Jan 11, 2016 | Better Blogging

Ernest Hemingway is best known for his novels and short stories, but he started out as a journalist. Right out of high school he signed on as a cub reporter with the Kansas City Star. Later he did a lot of work for the Toronto Star.

He filed stories from Europe. Some were straight reporting, like his dispatches from the Greco-Turkish War. Some were more like travel writing such as “Trout Fishing All Across Europe.”

I think he would have been a great blogger. Like every good journalist, he could write quickly and clearly. Like every great novelist, he had an eye for the small detail that conveyed a load of meaning. And like great journalists and great novelists, he was a masterful storyteller.

Want to write blog posts worthy of Hemingway? Here are some things to learn.

Learn to pick interesting subjects

The best subjects interest you and your readers. Pay attention to subjects that generate views and social media sharing. Do more of them. Find the stories that your readers want to read.

Learn to write a quick first draft

Don’t wait for the perfect opening or develop a detailed outline. Write your first draft. You can’t do anything with it until it’s out of your head. Your first draft will show you what you don’t know and what you should sharpen.

Learn to edit your posts

Increase those simple declarative sentences. This is Hemingway-inspired, right? Make your writing clear and crisp and rich with meaning.

Learn to publish and move on

Publish and move on to the next post. Just like a good reporter.