How often should I post?

Mar 13, 2012 | Better Blogging

One question I can always count on from new bloggers is: “How often should I post?” There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to that one, but there are some ways to make an intelligent choice.

The Blogging Landscape

There are successful blogs that publish new posts more than once a day. There are also successful blogs that publish once a week.

Search engines like blogs that are updated more often. If people will find you mostly through search engines, frequency is more important than if they find you in other ways, such as through social media.

No matter how frequently you publish, your posts should help your readers solve a problem or answer a question. Every post should be good.

The Key Variables

For most business bloggers the big trade-off is between length and frequency. The longer the post, the more time it takes to create, write, and revise. Shorter posts take less time.

Jesse Lyn Stoner posts once a week. Every post is long and very well crafted. If you choose infrequent posting, every post has to deliver a lot of value.

Dan Rockwell is a good example of a blogger who creates short posts (less than 300 words) every day. If you go for frequency, you may find that you feel like you’re running in front of a thresher trying to come up with a post or two every day.

Michael Wade is another blogger whose posts are fairly short, but he mixes his own observations in with pointers to other posts and resources. Curated posts can be a way to increase frequency without increasing your writing burden too much.

Get in Rhythm

No matter what frequency you choose to start, it will take you a while to get in rhythm. That’s tough, but it’s worth doing because a steady writing rhythm will help you create good posts, no matter how often you publish them.

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