How to Pick a Topic for Your Blog

Nov 17, 2011 | Better Blogging

OK, you’ve decided that you want to try writing a blog. What should it be about?

This is one of those questions with no right answer. You’ll come up with the best answer if you involve both your head and your heart.

Start with the heart. You should blog about something you care about, something that you think about, something that you love learning more about. Blogging takes effort, attention, and consistency. You want to choose a topic that engages you, not one that makes blogging feel like work.

Now for the head. How will this fit into your business plan and your daily life? How will it be different from other blogs on a similar topic?

There’s one more thing. Choosing a topic for your blog is like choosing the topic for a book, with one key difference. Your blog topic can change over time as you develop your voice. Your first answer won’t necessarily be your final answer, but it does need to be a good answer.

Bottom Line

You’ll pick the best topic for your blog if you engage both your head and your heart.

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