If it’s Monday …

Jan 9, 2012 | Better Blogging

On the first day of the week, I post “Leadership Reading to Start Your Week” on my Three Star Leadership blog. Every Wednesday, I post “Advice from the Masters” right here on Zero Draft. The key word in the previous sentence is “every.” It’s what makes those two posts regular.

I use regular posts to maintain high post quality and lighten my workload a little. So can you.

Regular Blog Posts Get You in Rhythm

After you’ve created the same kind of post a time or two, you’ll find yourself developing a writing rhythm. Ideas will come easier and earlier. You can set up a separate file where you gather the ideas and information for each regular post.

Regular Blog Posts Improve Your Quality

It’s easy to understand that a writing rhythm will improve the quality of your regular posts, but your other posts will probably improve, too. Regular posts wind up using less time than your other posts, so you can spend more time creating and developing your ideas for them.

Regular Blog Posts Lighten Your Load a Bit

Regular posts are done the same way every time and on the same schedule. You don’t have to put energy into figuring out what kind of post you’ll have on a particular day. That lowers your stress levels, too.