Keeping Up

Dec 10, 2012 | Better Blogging

Last week I had a conversation with a client who wanted to know how to consistently create three posts for her blog every week. She said she wanted to do this “without spending all day writing.”

Situation: The woman has been posting on her business blog for less than a year. Her goal is to post three times a week. Currently she’s spending about two hours per post.

One issue here is that very few of us can write substantive, thoughtful pieces quickly. Writing faster is not an option. Instead, consider posts that are different from “think pieces” and easier to write.

Shorter posts are often easier and quicker to write. Many bloggers use some kind of “tip” post as a way to maintain frequency but decrease writing time per post.

Curation posts can lower your workload on the day you want to post. Gather resources before you post. Then all you have to do assemble the resources when you’re scheduled to post. Note: this works only if you’re doing the research for your curation post in the normal course of business.

Both tips and curation posts can help you maintain post frequency, while reducing writing time per post.