Post Titles: Making a List

Nov 28, 2011 | Better Blogging

You’ve seen them before. List posts and articles have titles like these:

“6 Ways Managers Can Maximize Performance through Employee Engagement”

“5 Things You Should Never Say While Negotiating”

“10 Tips to Create Engaging Presentations”

“3 Criteria for Startup Success”

Readers love list posts. They like the simple, straightforward nature of the list. They like the fact that the headline tells them what the article has to offer.

If you look at the four “list” posts above, you’ll see that they use several different styles. You’re not limited to a simple First, second, third, structure, but you’ll find that it’s both easy and effective.

To write this kind of post, start with your list. Then describe each point in a sentence or two. Add a short introduction and a conclusion. It’s that easy.

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