Scheduling Holiday Blog Posts

Dec 23, 2013 | Better Blogging

A fellow blogger asked me for some advice about whether to post a blog on Christmas Day. Normally, she publishes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, like clockwork. This year, Christmas falls on a Wednesday. I think there are two good reasons not to post.

The first one is practical. Posts that appear on holidays like Christmas are usually about the holiday. So far, so good. But that also means that the posts “read by” date will have passed when readers come back to the blogosphere. In other words, you probably won’t get your usual readership.

The other reason is rooted in my values. I think there are better ways to spend your time than crafting a blog post in the days leading up to Christmas or on the day itself. I suggest bathing in the enjoyment of the day and the love of people you care about.

What do you think?