Advice from the Masters: Laini Taylor

Mar 22, 2017 | Better Writing

Laini Taylor describes herself as “a writer-artist-daydreamer-nerd-person, and simultaneously a mom-wife-sister-daughter-person” who writes books for “youngish people.” Wikipedia describes her as “an American young adult fantasy author.”

In 2012, Publisher’s Weekly interviewed her and published “5 Writing Tips from Laini Taylor.” I chose number two to share with you, even though I liked all five tips.

“Never sit staring at a blank page or screen. If you find yourself stuck, write. Write about the scene you’re trying to write. Writing about is easier than writing, and chances are, it will give you your way in. You could try listing ten things that might happen next, or do a timed freewrite—fast, non-precious forward momentum; you don’t even have to read it afterward, but it might give you ideas. Try anything and everything. Never fall still, and don’t be lazy.”

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