Advice from the Masters: Robert Heller

Jun 10, 2015 | Better Writing

Robert Heller was a realist and a great business writer. Here’s a key paragraph from his obituary in the Guardian.

“Over a long career in business writing and journalism, Heller explained the ‘tricks of the trade,’ writing around 80 management books with catchy, non-threatening titles such as the Essential Manager’s Manual (1998), Achieving Excellence (1999) and the Manager’s Handbook (2002). These titles were not cut-down doctoral theses, but practical guides designed to help existing and aspiring managers achieve their potential.”

I loved the straightforward way Heller wrote. I also loved the jaundiced, but realistic, view he took of business and management and people in general. What other writer could come up with chapter titles like “The American Daydream,” “The Risk-Taking Delusion” and “Planet of the Planners,” all from his book, The Naked Manager.

Here’s a bit of advice from his book, The Super Managers. It’s aimed at managers, but it’s good advice for writers, too.

“Never ignore a gut feeling: but never believe that it’s enough on its own.”

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