Advice from the Masters: Shane Parrish

Oct 19, 2016 | Better Writing

Here’s how Shane Parrish describes himself in his LinkedIn profile.

“Shane is a former executive in the Canadian government, where he led the creation and execution of key cyber defense initiatives. His passion project is a website called Farnam Street, a popular online intellectual hub that covers topics like human misjudgment, decision making, strategy, and philosophy.”

“Intellectual hub” equals “blog.” Farnam Street is one of a half dozen blogs that I have to check every week to make sure I haven’t missed something delightful. When I find something delightful, which is at least weekly, I get lost in reading it to the end.

This week’s bit of advice is from Shane, but not from the Farnam Street blog. It’s 100 percent of a tweet.

“In writing clarity trumps brilliance.”

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