Be the Real Writer You Can Be

Jun 4, 2019 | Better Writing

Alli Polin worries she’s not a real writer. Alli writes a great blog on change and personal development. She’s done that for seven years. She’s not the “real writer” that many people think of, though.

The mythical real writer writes fiction. He or she writes full-time and produces flawless first drafts. I’ve never met one of those, and they’re sure not like the real writers I work with.

The real writers I know write non-fiction, mostly about business. A few, like Alli, work on a novel and may publish one or more someday. A smaller number, like Wayne Turmel, write excellent fiction and non-fiction.

For the real writers I know, writing is in addition to their “real work.” They don’t write flawless first drafts, either. Revision is the order of the day.

If you want to be a real writer like that, here are some ways to make it work.

Real Writers Take What Life Gives Them

When you have a job and a family or other important relationships you lose some control of your life. That’s okay. You’ll be a more successful writer and person if you do two things. Do your day job well and make time for the important relationships in your life. That may not give you a lot of time to write, but it will give you enough.

Real Writers Get the Most Out of Their Writing Time

Writing time is precious if you’re a real writer. You want to make the best of it.

Get enough rest so you’re fresh when it’s time to write. When writing time comes, close out distractions and go to work. You’re more likely to do that if you know exactly what you will do to start.

At the end of every writing session, decide exactly what you will write to start the next session. Decide what you need to do between sessions to make the next one productive.

Real Writers Maintain Momentum

You’re more likely to abandon a project you haven’t worked on for a while. So, do the things you need to maintain momentum.

Make sure you know your big WHY. When the going gets tough, remind yourself of why you’re doing this and what difference it will make in your life.

Try to make a little progress every day. You don’t have to write, there are many things you can do. Do a little research. Flesh out some ideas. Call someone to set up an interview.

Bottom Line

You’ll never be like the mythical real writer. Don’t worry. You can be a real and effective writer. Take what life gives you. Get the most out of every writing session. Make a little progress every day.

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