The Writing Edge for Business Writers: 10/3/14

Oct 3, 2014 | Better Writing

You’re a businessperson. You may not think of yourself as a writer, but you know that writing well can boost your results and your career. Naturally, you want to do better. Every week I point you to one or two pieces that I think will teach you something or spark an idea or two. This week I’m pointing you to pieces on taking advantage of the cloud and great business books.

From Noemi Tasarra-Twigg: Take Advantage of the Cloud to Optimize Online Publishing

“Cloud computing is all the rave today, with sitcoms even referring to it (see Big Bang Theory Cloud back up). While it is a buzzword, sometimes, you hear things from some people that makes you convinced that not everyone understands what the Cloud really is.”

Wally’s Comment: This post puts together some good sources to explain the cloud and what it might mean.

From Charlotte Lytton: The books that changed the world’s best business brains

“From Warren Buffet to Donald Trump and Bill Gates, the world’s best business brains have been inspired and transformed by books that not only address the business of making money, but of managing time, ethics and morality in business.”

Wally’s Comment: This is a great piece. The real test of any business book is whether readers do things differently and better after reading it. Here’s your homework. Ask and answer the following questions for yourself.

Why is each one of these books great?

What made each book valuable to the person who named it?

Sources I Check Regularly

I find the posts and articles that I share with you on The Writer’s Edge in many places. But there are a few that provide insightful pieces again and again. Here they are.

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