The Writing Edge for Business Writers: 1/1/16

Jan 1, 2016 | Better Writing

You’re a businessperson. You may not think of yourself as a writer, but you know that writing well can boost your results and your career. Naturally, you want to do better. Every week I point you to articles and blog posts that I think will teach you something or spark an idea or two. Some weeks there are more pointers than others.

This week I’m pointing you to pieces on becoming a better informed leadership consumer and why your business needs less data (and more stories).

From Art Petty: It’s Time to Become Better Informed Leadership Consumers

“Much of the writing and commentary on leadership and leading reads like a Made-for-TV script with much of the gory and dirty content left out and the outcome predictable—the good guys always win.”

From Anthony Tasgal: Why your business needs less data

“Worshipping metrics risks turning business into a division of accountancy, but storytelling touches the heartstrings.”

Sources I Check Regularly

I find the posts and articles that I share with you on The Writing Edge in many places. But there are a few that provide insightful pieces again and again. Here they are.

Digital Book World

Frances Caballo

Joel Friedlander

Joanna Penn

Men with Pens

Merce Cardus


Becky Robinson’s Weaving Influence