The Writing Edge for Business Writers: 1/23/15

Jan 23, 2015 | Better Writing

You’re a businessperson. You may not think of yourself as a writer, but you know that writing well can boost your results and your career. Naturally, you want to do better. Every week I point you to one or two pieces that I think will teach you something or spark an idea or two. This week I’m pointing you to pieces on a daily reading habit and writing tips.

From George Ambler: Leaders Need a Daily Reading Habit

“It’s frequently said that those who lead, read. Research has shown that reading keeps leaders smart, creative and social. For those who want to lead, reading is not a nice to have or a luxury, reading is a habit successful leaders consider critical to their success.”

Wally’s Comment: If you want to lead, read. George adds more detail and he says it better.

From Eric Smith: 7 Things I’ve Learned So Far

“This is a recurring column called ‘7 Things I’ve Learned So Far,’ where writers at any stage of their careers can talk about writing advice and instruction — by sharing seven things they’ve learned along their writing journeys that they wish they knew at the beginning. This is installment is from Eric Smith, author of The Geek’s Guide to Dating and the young adult novel, Inked.”

Wally’s Comment: Everyone who writes seriously, whether they’re a “writer” or not, has to figure out how to do the work You can learn a lot from someone who does it well.

Sources I Check Regularly

I find the posts and articles that I share with you on The Writing Edge in many places. But there are a few that provide insightful pieces again and again. Here they are.

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